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I'm starting a feature on my blog, Mind-flight, called Saturday Art.  I'd feature 1-4 pieces of art, with a brief description and a little info about the artist. 

Rest assured that the only thing I would use your art for is show it off, say nice things about it, and try to get people to look at more of your art.  If anyone wants to go a little farther, I have an email interview that I can also do.

You, the artist, benefit by free exposure.  I'll also include any links you want me to feature.  I, the blogger, benefit by having awesome content to share with my readers!  Artists will be featured on Saturday Art, while writers will be featured on Friday Feature. 

If you're interested, email me at or just message me here.

Ent by FirstPrimeOfCessna
  • Listening to: Classic rock, heavy metal
  • Reading: A Writer's Companion by Richard Marius
  • Watching: that a trick question?
  • Playing: Table-top role playing, Aywas
  • Eating: Stew and fried eggs on toast
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper with real sugar
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Submitted on
February 21